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Random Thoughts has been a really long time since I have been on here.

I had to enter my password several times!

It’s beginning to feel like fall here (I actually woke up cold this morning!) and I love fall in Houston.

Pumpkin patches, bread (that I will pretend is homemade), “Tootie’s”, and the air.  That perfect combination of not to cold but not to hot.

I’m really loving my kid’s books.  I’ve always loved children’s books but let me tell you something there are a lot of really cool, neat stories out there.  Some have really deep meaning others are just really silly but none the less fun to read.  I also hate strongly dislike some children’s books (of course those are the kids favorites).

1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Totally worth the read and challenge.  I’m only on #85 but such a different perspective counting the blessings and being grateful.

My kids are fun hard no I mean fun.  Okay so they are both.  This week was a series of epic mom fails as I attempted to remain the adult and not get on their level of laying on the floor throwing a tantrum.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday to hopefully have some good quality time with them.

They are at this phase where they will egg each other on.  While not funny most of the time the way David says “ok Debbie” or “no Debbie” makes Ryan and I laugh every time.  He’s so matter of fact about it.

Deborah is a dancing machine.  If she hears music she’s dancing.  What is hilarious though is she doesn’t want an audience.  What little girl doesn’t want the audience?  I thought that was a requirement of being a little girl but not my daughter.  She’ll tell us not to look at her.  She loves dress up and tea parties.  She also loves books and I bought her Cinderella the movie and I think we’ve watched it at least four times since last week.  It was a milestone moment for me.  I can’t believe she is old enough to watch Disney movies and enjoy them.  She loves to “talk” on the phone to Nana or Grandma.  She’ll hold the phone to her shoulder and just talk.  It cracks me up.

David is into tractors and balls, oh and jumping.  That boy will jump off of anything and everything.  “I jump mommy” is heard at least four to five times a day in our house.  We went to the farm last weekend with Pop Pop, Granny, and Pappy.  He didn’t skip a beat just told us to put him on the horse.  He did fine to, until the horse sneezed.  Then he was done.  He also got to go on a ride on the bulldozer with his dad.  Ryan was quite happy about that.

Duck Dynasty.  Seriously best reality show ever.  I know that come Wednesday night I will laugh until I cry every time.  That family is hilarious.

Okay well hopefully it won’t be next year until I post again (she said to her 3 readers).


Election day

November 6, 2012 – Election Day
Ryan and I voted early since we would be out of pocket today. As we get closer to finding out who the next president of the United States will be for the next four years many emotions are being felt right now.

I have never voted before with children. They bring such a different level of intensity to how I feel. I want so much for my kids to grow up in the land of the free. Unfortunately, that won’t happen if we reelect Obama.

I think what is so sad is he doesn’t even love this country. He just wants the power. He doesn’t care that the majority of Americans were against the healthcare bill. He wanted it so he got it. He has more executive orders than any other president. Why?

I am worried about this election. I know God is bigger than this and He is still in control. My family is safe because we are in His hands.

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Deborah and “Tootie”

As most people who are reading this blog know, Ryan and I are not into pets.  I’m not going to derail here and give my reasons nor do I need people telling me why they are so’s just the way it is.

So several weeks ago we went to do our grocery shopping and there was fall stuff out. I love fall…especially in Houston.  The weather is absolutely perfect. Not to hot and not to cold.  So the scarecrows were out as were the pumpkins.  I picked up several of the small scarecrows but I found a tall one I thought would look cute on the front porch.

Well Deborah had other ideas for that scarecrow.  She wanted him in the basket with her and she started calling him “Tootie”.  We went all over Walmart and here was my child talking to this scarecrow.  “Oh Tootie look at the yogurt, or no Tootie we have to sit down in the basket.”  She had Ryan and I rolling on the floor.

So we brought Tootie home and that night she was jumping off the box of diapers holding his hand and laughing.  She wanted him to eat with her at the dinner table and was even trying to give him a sip of water out of her cup.  Ryan and I weren’t sure whether we should be concerned but definitely got a good laugh out of it.

This past Sunday we were in Walmart again and I was trying to distract Deborah from the bikes (she is getting one for Christmas)  so…I told her and David we should go look for Tootie.  All their Christmas stuff was out so I figured I was safe in that suggestion.  Oh was I wrong.  That child found not one, not two, but about twenty more Tootie’s and wanted to bring them all home.  So we convinced her that only two would fit in the basket and once she was distracted we got rid of one.  I told Ryan I could justify two Tootie’s but not three. 

So we now have two pet Tootie’s in our house.  David has gotten in on the excitement and will drag his around by the arm (I use that term loosely it really is just the sleeve) and Deborah continues to talk to Tootie like it is her best friend.  Tonight we came home from Chic filet and she ran inside and went straight to him and said “Hi Tootie, how was your day?”  She also has to tell him goodnight.   

On another note I think I am going to have to quit calling her turkey butt.  I was laying down with her tonight and out of no where (I hadn’t mentioned that term) she looks at me smiling and says “‘Deborah is a turkey butt.”  I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

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I love friends!  They hold you accountable, they love you, and they remind you how much you have to be grateful for. 

I love watching my kids play.  Yesterday in the car Deborah was reaching for David’s hand and they were just laughing and laughing.

I have the best husband in the world.  He is so the perfect husband for me.  He balances me out so well.  He knows what I love and he’s not afraid to do the right thing for our family.

Getting my hair cut…it’s the small things right?

I am so grateful for how God knows exactly what we need.  I have been so unsettled these last several months.  We are reading through the Bible in our small group and we are in the Psalms.  I love starting my mornings with praises and really focusing on the character of God.  It helps put everything else in perspective. 


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Rites of Passage

Tonight we had ham for dinner.  Not just any ham either but a bone in old fashioned ham.  I felt like I had just achieved one more rite of passage into adulthood (forget the fact I’m a mother of two).  Turkeys and hams are for my mom and grandma to cook, not me.  I told Ryan to save the bone so we could make beans some other time. 

It made me think about other things in my life that I have always associated in some way as a rite of passage.  It’s funny to see how my perceptions and upbringing have shaped what I think is or isn’t part of becoming an adult.  It’s also amazing to me that at almost thirty years old there are still things I consider rites of passage even though I’m an adult. 

I realize this is random but I just thought it was funny how proud I was of the fact that I cooked a ham…and then how old I felt because we kept the ham bone. 



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Work and Marriage

Ryan and I had a big fight yesterday.  I had bought tickets to the Children’s Museum for today and he texted me yesterday afternoon and told me he had to work.

I don’t know why I got so angry.  Some of it is I feel like I’m always compromising.  Some of it is I don’t feel like I can do that to him so I resent it.  Anyways, that’s a whole other issue for a counselor!

Last night after we both got home we talked about it.  This was a huge step in our marriage because this is frequently one of biggest arguments/fights.  We didn’t yell, we listened to each other.

It was so refreshing.  Did it change the outcome…no.  Ryan is at work as I type.  It was just so nice expressing my feelings and communicating with him.  Now the next step is to learn how to do that part first without flying off the handle.

Last night was definitely a step in the right direction.  Prayerfully I’ll remember this next time the issue comes up.

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I love, love, love to watch Deborah and David interact with each other.  It has got to be one of my most favorite thing about having two kids so close in age.  David adores her and she can crack him up like no one else can.

We have their high chairs next to each other so dinner is very entertaining!  The other night Deborah had a truck and David wanted it.  I gave him a car and Deborah wanted that.  The next thing I knew they were sharing (although that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.)

The dynamics between siblings is complex with all kinds of threads weaving in and out of the relationship.  I have two sisters and a brother. I consider myself close to all of them but each relationship has its own beat.

My prayer and hope is that Deborah and David will be the best of friends.  They love each other even at their ages I can tell that.  Watching two people begin a relationship that will last a lifetime is such a precious gift.

My hope is as a parent that I encourage their relationship by giving them what they need as unique individuals created by God.  I allow them to be who God created them to be and allow their relationship to be what God desire’s it to be.  I don’t interfere with them getting to know and respect each other as individuals.

I have seen to many sibling relationships ruined or hurting because the parents were always comparing and measuring one to the other.  Before parenthood I couldn’t understand that.  I still think it is wrong however, I realize now how hard it is not to do that.  My parents made it seem so easy.  I never once thought I had to be a basketball player just because my sisters and brother was.  I hope my children say the same thing about me.


A Rainy Day

Things are increasingly picking up around here.  My busy season is getting ready to start and Ryan has been working six days a week trying to get a traffic switch done. 

Ryan had to go in to work today.  The kids were invited to a play date over at the Bannerman’s so we headed over there for some fun.  We had a lot of fun playing with Hope, Helen, and Ryleigh. 

We’re having a super bowl party tomorrow at our house.  That was one of my goals this year was to have people over at least once a quarter.  Scratch that one off for the first quarter!

With that train of thought…I have definitely been spending some good excellent quality time with the kids lately.  Ryan and I have a date night (possibly a double date night) scheduled for next Friday.  I am keeping up with my Bible reading and my prayer life has been richer lately.

I did quit Weight Watchers but I’m seriously considering OA.  I know I have some emotional stuff to deal with and I have it on good word that they deal with more of the spiritual/emotional side. 


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Proud parent moment

Tonight we were all playing.  Deborah has an ABC puzzle that Uncle Jim and Aunt Keri got her for Christmas.  She loves to pull the H out and point at  the hippo underneath.  I was singing the alphabet song to her and I pointed to the A.  Underneath the A is a picture of an apple.  Clear as day she said apple.  I was so excited.  I’ve really been working with her on words and this was one of the first ones you could really understand what she was saying. 

Quick update on my goals for this year:

I have weighed in once (the other Saturday Ryan was at work)

I am really asking myself if the food is worth it.  I had a victory when I didn’t finish my chicken fried steak from Cheddars…it wasn’t good.

We are hosting a super bowl party at our house.  That will be my hosting for the quarter!

I have stayed up on the reading for small group and had a great opportunity to even pray with my boss one morning. 

Ryan and I are going on a date night next Friday to see a christian comedian at Houston’s First Baptist. Very excited about that!


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Please don’t judge

To the woman who sat next to us in Landrys last night…please don’t judge. I realize that you were on a date but we wanted to go out as a family. It is okay for my little girl to dance while standing close to our table. It is okay for us to pass babies over the table while we eat. I can let her play in the empty room while we wait for our food. Instead of shooting me dirty looks all night why not encourage me? Tell me I’m doing a good job as a mother. Or if that is to much to ask when the waiter asks if the table is okay tell him no and don’t sit next to me.